Let Your Differences Shine

Let Your Differences Shine

We grew up in a society that taught us that loving ourselves and being confident is equivalent to being arrogant. That our body shapes need to be perfect, not perfect to you, but to them. They want our bodies to be similar or almost identical to the models on magazines other wise we’re too skinny, too fat, too ugly, too different! and the list goes on, it seems that we’re always “too something”, that being ourselves isn’t enough for them. But whose right is it to label people?, to create stereotypes?, to identify who’s special and who’s not?.

We people, are brought to this life, each and everyone one of us is different from the other, but unfortunately we created this delusion that made us believe that drifting into our own path is wrong and simply weird.

It’s time to understand and accept that Being born different is in fact a gift that is sadly almost vanishing because of all the silly ideas and delusions that goes around in this world.

Me, you, and all of us has something unique and different from the other person, all we have to do is embrace the difference and not be afraid of it. To learn to love ourselves, because once we do that, we would not want to be anybody else. And that’s all it matters.

- Hadeel Altaraifi